Jun 16 , 2019

Doors: 6 p.m.
Show: 7 p.m.

Twenty One Pilots have announced a second leg of the “Bandito Tour” due to overwhelming demand, which will see the band returning to Orlando's Amway Center on June 16, 2019. Tickets on sale now! Please note that this show will only offer Mobile Ticket Delivery.

Important Notes:

Have GA tickets to the show? Please see below:

There is one (1) general admission (GA) line that opens at 6 a.m. on the day of the show. Camping is not permitted on Amway Center property. Amway Center management encourages fans to conduct themselves in a courteous manner at all times.

  • GEICO Garage (400 W. South St) opens at 5:30 a.m. for convenient parking
  • Camping overnight on Amway Center property is prohibited
  • Guests may begin lining up at 6 a.m. on the day of the show at the GA entrance located on the West Plaza at the corner of Division Ave. & Church St
  • Restrooms are available for GA line guests to use
  • Water is available throughout the day
  • Please read the prohibited items list here. Some items used during the day may not be permitted in the venue. (lawn chair, etc)
  • Doors open 1 hour prior to the show time

Please see the below City of Orlando ordinances related to camping:

Section 43.06(j) of the City Code prohibits anyone who, after being ordered to move by law enforcement, remains on a public street or sidewalk in such a manner as to block or impair movement of vehicles or pedestrians. Assuming a line that forms is orderly and listens to all instructions of law enforcement officers, this should not pose an issue. It is important to remember that the primary purpose of a sidewalk is for pedestrian travel, so someone waiting in line may need to momentarily move in order to allow others to pass. Please know that this section only applies to those on a public street or sidewalk.

Section 43.52 of the City Code prohibits anyone from “camping” on property within the City of Orlando. “Camping” under the code is defined as sleeping or otherwise being in a temporary shelter out-of-doors, sleeping out-of-doors, or cooking over an open flame or fire out-of-doors. This applies to all city property and all residential property unless you have the consent of the owner. When property has been rented or leased to a private entity, it is not considered public property for the purposes of this ordinance. As such, as long as you have permission of that private entity, it would be lawful. In addition to section 43.52 of the City Code, if someone violates the rules of the private property holder and is asked to leave, they may be trespassed from the property. Refusal to leave private property after warning is unlawful and a violation of section 810.09, Fla. Stat.

Section 43.88 of the City Code prohibits anyone from sitting or lying down on a public sidewalk or upon a blanket, chair, stool, or any other object placed upon a public sidewalk in the Downtown Core District. There are several exemptions to this ordinance, including that it is an affirmative defense to the ordinance that the person sitting or lying was waiting in an orderly line for entry into a building.

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