The Amway Center’s Geico Garage was designed so that helicopters can land on its top level (8th floor). It is a public owned private use helistop that is “prior permission required “(PPR) .

The helistop is located in downtown Orlando, west of I-4 and north of SR408 (East-West Expressway). 




2.6 West (261 degrees) of Orlando Executive Airport (KORL) inside Class D and just north of the final approach to runway 7

KORL ATIS: 127.25 Tower: 118.7

Local helicopter frequency is 123.025.

The helistop is a concrete rooftop located in the SW corner of the Geico parking garage immediately south of the Amway Center. The wind sock is lighted and the pad has perimeter lights. There are several light poles located on the roof and close to the landing zone (LZ). The touchdown and lift-off area is 38' x 38'. The maximum specifications for landing at the Geico helistop shall be a weight limit of 8,000 pounds, a maximum diameter for the main rotor of 38 feet, and a maximum overall length of 44 feet (main rotor tip to tail rotor tip). No aircraft exceeding any of those limitations shall be permitted to land at the Geico helistop.

NOTE: Please use caution as the landing area is uneven and slopes south from the north ¼ of the landing zone (LZ). Approach is from the south, winds permitting. Avoid flying over the Amway Center, cars that may be parked on the rooftop of the Geico Garage and large groups of people.


Requests for landings must be made to the Venues Director, through the Orlando Venues business office, no later than the minimum advance notice time specified by FAA regulations (currently 72 hours) prior to the proposed use, including a proposed flight path. The contact person(s) for the Orlando Venues Business Office is Cindy Mitchum (407.440.7050) or Clyde Boutte (407.440.7051). The Venues Director may decline permission if he determines that the landing will interfere with event operations, is non event or City-related, or if the requestor has not complied with these policies. Additionally, the requestor will indemnify the City of Orlando and the event promoter, if applicable, against any loss or damage which occurs as a result of requestor’s use of the Geico Garage to land its helicopter, including indemnifying the City of Orlando against any penalties or fines imposed by the FAA for violation of its regulations.

The requestor will pay the City of Orlando, a “landing fee” for use of the Geico garage helistop landing area. The fee shall be $100 per landing to the City. If any operator wishes to park for the entire event, the requestor will be accessed a fee for any lost revenue opportunity as a result of their use of the 8th floor parking spaces (parking fee). The fee shall cover a period not to exceed 4 hours unless otherwise approved by the Venues Director. The lost revenue figure will vary depending upon the scheduled times for its drop off and pick up of passengers, but will be calculated at the number of spaces x the approved parking rate per space.

During numerous events, Orlando Venues may have requests from promoters and individuals to land helicopters at its venues. Requestor’s use of the landing area is non-exclusive. If multiple requests are made and only one can be accommodated, a request from the promoter for that date will be given priority; otherwise requests will be considered in order of receipt.

For additional details and to request a Geico Garage helistop landing agreement, please contact the Orlando Venues Business Office. 

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